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A New Way To Live Forever: The Civil Defense Interview

12 Jul

Russ Rogers is the front man and principle songwriter of the five-member musical force, A New Way to Live Forever.  Recently, Civil Defense sat down with Russ to talk about, among other things, the history of A New Way to Live Forever; his past and present musical projects; and using the power of songwriting to escape all that rumoura floating around.

CD: How did A New Way To Live Forever (hereafter, ANWTLF) first become involved with Civil Defense?

RR: I met Ed [Goodreau] from Civil Defense in Gainesville at the last Kill Miss Pretty show in March 2011 and we talked for a while. I really dug his take on the music industry, the artist, and as a person in general. When I mentioned that I do a lot of writing and am planning a solo-ish venture, he encouraged me to send him demos, which I did through the summer of 2011. Eventually he brought ANWTLF on board via a re-release of our first 2008 EP Avalanche, and had me come out to LA to finish and mix with him what has now become Rumoura.

CD: Give the people a history lesson: when and how did ANWTLF get together?

RR: In early 2008 on a break from Kill Miss Pretty, Todd and I got together and started writing songs. We rehearsed a bit and eventually came up with and recorded what is now the Avalanche EP. Our first of only 2 shows was interesting as it also featured TV Club opening (now known as Surfer Blood). My obligations to KMP and Todd’s opportunities to pursue his career as an architect, led to the hiatus of ANWTLF.

Anyway, after some personal drama and so forth, in early 2011, I started a sort of writing renaissance. After leaving KMP, I contacted Todd (then in DC) and asked if I could use the ANWTLF moniker since I truly thought it fit where I was at the time and what I wanted to do artistically – plus, I wanted him involved in the songwriting and any live shows he could possibly perform at. I assembled a cast of friends and musicians including Phil and James who I was with for 10 years prior in the Numb Ones, to come aboard, and asked original ANWTLF bassist Steve Velez to join in on bass. Basically, this band is a hybrid of the best friends and players I’ve encountered over the last 15 or so years. We feed off each other and anticipate and complement each other in a way not often found in a group of guys. Add Dan into the mix and it’s really undeniable what we can bring to an audience.

CD:  We have to ask, where did that band name come from?

RR: Todd asked me what I thought would be cool, and I had seen a recent news report on TV during which the phrase “A New Way to Live Forever” was mentioned, so I suggested it. He immediately agreed and that was it. It was definitely the easiest band name decision I’ve ever been involved with.

CD: What is the songwriting process like for the band?

RR: The first chapter of ANWTLF was a mesh of Todd and myself. His style is more akin to the newer indie alt vibe, whereas I am coming from more of a primal and soulful true rock thing. Rumoura is mostly my stuff, aside from the collaboration on “Balloon,” which is a latter first phase ANWTLF tune that did not evolve in time for the first EP. This new collection of tunes is my soul spread wide open musically and lyrically.

CD: The new EP, Rumoura, is due out this July.  What’s do you guys hope to achieve with that release?  And what’s coming next?

RR: We’re looking to get this collection out in hopes of possible licensing and radio opportunities. My focus is inherently hooks and groove, and there’s plenty of that on Rumoura. Hopefully people can connect with the feeling behind the songs and pull something from them. As for what’s next, it’s already written…just need to stamp it in time and put it out there.

CD: I understand that the title Rumoura is more than just a pretty title.  Can you tell us a little about what it means?

RR: To say the least, I’ve been dealt my fair share of drama and misconception. I’ve lived in a place where rumor and reality have blurred on a daily basis, as I’m sure many people have. I wanted to create a word that captured that space, hence Rumoura. Not to say that the songs on the EP are all about that, but it’s the freedom from that world that enabled me to come up with the music that fills the EP.

CD: You are also involved with two other groups – Kill Miss Pretty and DRTY LVRS – how does your role in ANWTLF differ from that of those groups?

RR: Our keyboardist, and good friend Daniel Dyer and I created DRTY LVRS as an electro outlet. I’m always writing and in different genres, particularly dance. It seemed fitting to create a dark dance entity to take in that excess, and to our surprise it’s been somewhat successful. Cleopatra Records just remixed our debut song “R3D”, and we’re still finishing up new tracks to release this year.

As for Kill Miss Pretty, my ultimate takeaway from that band is the kinship and love for the craft of song that I realized with Scott Putesky (formerly Daisy Berkowitz of Marilyn Manson). We both left in early 2011, and have a few projects in the works that we’ll be pursuing together in the future, but above all, I find him to be an inspiring musician and true friend. That doesn’t come along that often, so I’m definitely grateful for the experience.

Rumoura is due July 28, 2012 via Civil Defense Music Group.

Download/Stream the New Single From ‘A New Way to Live Forever’!

11 Jul

Ladies & Gentlemen, this is some exciting news.  The Florida-based alt-rockers A New Way to Live Forever (known simply as ANWTLF to their loyal legions), are, as we speak, with Civil Defense producer Ed Goodreau putting the finishing touches on their Civil Defense debut EP, Rumoura.  

The Rumoura EP will leave the Civil Defense bunker to see the light of day for the very first time on July 28th and will be available as both a digital download and a limited edition ECO-Pak.  Until then, you can stream/download the EP’s lead single “‘Til My Heart Starts Beating” right here via Soundcloud.  Enjoy.


Sketchy Black Dog at Vibrato Jazz Grill

29 Apr

Sketchy Black Dog is among the world’s most distinguished classic rock tributists; their re-interpretations of Bowie, Hendrix and Zep have won the hearts of audiences worldwide.  No big deal, really…it’s all in a day’s work for Misha and the gang.

Now, on Tuesday, May 15th, us Westcoasters will have the chance to experience that magic again: the band are returning to the stage at Los Angeles’ Vibrato Grill (2930 North Beverly Glen Circle)!  Tickets are just $20 — so grab a date, grab a friend and get down there!  This one is not to be missed.  More information to come.

Ron Rogers & The Wailing Wind at the Hawthorne Theatre!

14 Mar

Ron Rogers and the Wailing Wind sure are working hard this month! You can catch the band live once again this Friday, March 16th, at the Hawthorne Theatre Lounge from 6:00 – 8:00 P.M. The lounge is located at 1507 SE 39th Avenue in lovely Portland, Oregon. Bring your friends, drink some brews, show the band some love, and have a blast!  Still not familiar with the music?  You can check it out right here, courtesy of Civil Defense.

Ron Rogers plays the British Blues Explosion

24 Feb

Listen Up Portland: On February 25th, Civil Defense Music’s own Ron Rogers (and  a slew of others) will be taking to the stage for an evening of rockin’ British Blues.  Don’t miss your chance to hear some of your favorite Portland musicians covering tunes by The Kinks, The Animals, The Rolling Stones, and all your other favorite Brits.  It all goes down at Duff’s Garage.  Don’t hesitate Portland. We’ll see you there!

Misha Piatigorsky and Sketchy Black Dog on Tuesday, February 7th!

03 Feb

Larry Steen will be performing with Sketchy Black Dog at Vibrato on Tuesday, February 7th!

“Dedicated to classic rock, Sketchy Black Dog plays unique spins of Bowie, Zeppelin, Hendrix and more. Taking timeless rock songs and originals to places both irreverent and fragile, this piano trio with strings violates and whispers in the ears of its audience.”

Misha Piatigorsky – piano and string arrangements
Chris Wabich – drums
Larry Steen – upright & electric bass

New Year’s Eve – Johnny Stachella & Adam Sizemore Debut as “The Railways” at the House of Blues

29 Dec

12/31/11 – Johnny Stachella & Adam Sizemore Debut as "The Railways" at the House of Blues, 8430 Sunset Boulevard, West Hollywood, CA 90069 from 8 pm to 10 pm

Free Music Download!

27 Oct

Click here to download Real Time Religion, a new song by Ron Rogers & The Wailing Wind!

Nitro Rewind: Episode 16 Reading/Phoenix

19 Oct

Clay Millican and David Grubnic on the state of Top Fuel racing; Mike Neff on his spectacular season in the Castrol GTX Ford Mustang plus Auto-Plus Nationals Funny Car winner Robert Hight on the resurgence of his Auto Club Ford and Top Fuel points leader Spencer Massey on his fourth 2011 win in the FRAM dragster. Host: Bill Stephens for John Force Entertainment.

Live Radio Broadcast – Ron Rogers & The Wailing Wind

05 Oct

Live radio broadcast with audience!
Ron Rogers & The Wailing Wind
Friday, October 28, 2011
Blueprint Show
The Netherlands
Live internet streaming at